Monday, December 27, 2004

wonderment (WIP:work in progress)

ive wondered
when the smells
and the sounds arose

how we felt like the morning after
was just the morning before
it ever occurred

its amazing
the tenderness spilled
over like milk
and it stains me
with reoccurence of a wet dream
i imagine
in red and vibrant colors
spinning sun like silver
metalltic measurements of heartbeats

he clicks to me
military style
two nods above water level
we are drowning in each other

semi-circular motions
and explosion
this can not be safe
or fair
there is too much sweetness
rendering movements
and will
i wonder what we look like
watching our silhouttes
goosebumps rise as we enter
barely an eclipse
this can't be sane

he makes me want to slit my wrists
and check my veins for the serum
anti-nemesis to my sanity
i believe this is what happens when
the intake of something so good
occurs in abundance

safety clips
cocked back
back pops
i swear
this makes the most sense
since we slept together for the first time
even then, we were unnerved
as we lay
murdock breathing our theme music
and it made me see all that she fell in love with
last eve


Vett said...

This is good too. Love your writing. I am still reading.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

i've been trying to write outside of myself... this poem is about a woman with a man who is in a relationship. that's why i cited shirley murdock's as we lay. i never thought about the magnitude of that song... especially as i sang it unmercifully!