Wednesday, December 01, 2004


i like nice hands
nails cleaned -- not manicured
i dont like waxed eyebrows -- especially on men
i love the apprentice
the wire
spongebob squarepants (i got stickers, the toothbrush, shower curtain, dvd's, blow up dolls...)
poems about love
men who believe in romance
supportive family units
jelly bellys
firm backsides
muscular legs
full lips
kissable lips
compassion -- that's sexy
artists with real visions
ambition -- that's sexy too
smiles that are genuine -- those are incredibly beautiful
loyalty and honesty are two of the most attractive qualities

what floats ya boat?

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Mahogany L. Browne said...

this comment was emailed to me by Yharris:


Hearing my children laugh

Hearing my husband laugh

Watching Movies

Finishing an extreme intense workout


Time to nap

Full Body Massage

French Fries