Thursday, December 16, 2004

limitless (cause abena said so)

the idea of this poem came from my slam team member, abena... she is so dope -- i love her! singing like she wanna get a record deal n shyt! anyway, it's been revamped quite a bit -- tell me whatcha think!

there are more ways to dance over the dead
than there is to pray
I’ve watched grey skies permeate
my daymares into reality
slow winds play noose strings
like violins
and the sky remains as beautiful
as the day they hung from incense cedar
branches too small lay piled at there feet
suspended above air
and screams ran thin
nothing pierced the sky like their cries
and I have never blamed the sun
or even the trees

there are dreams made under their bend
fallen leaves taste like freedom
like sweet peppers, mufongo and gumbo with okra
sensations awakening like our right to be here
where time is lost in their shadows
I swim deliriously beneath their shade
spirits entangling my laughter with arms
as wide as their restraints allowed them
while I bask under the sun
it kisses my brown edges
the wind whispers and their remains are scattered like dust
dancing with my curves in a movement of free will
embers of burned bones buried beneath the surface
rise every full moon
just to smell the revolution
it be like black smoke
and real
and forever
hands outreached purposeful
then dismembered
now smiles sit on their faces
the sky touches their fingertips
as they paint masterpieces
construct the perfect song
and build theories still unknown to man
here, nothing binds them to the trees
and the sky
has never looked so beautiful

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