Wednesday, December 08, 2004

food for thought --- answer these questions and i will forever be in debt

is art still art when you don't believe in it -- but everyone around you does?

can you be friends with those who lie?

can you exist without defining your character?

who wants to live in nyc and what for -- the option of saying it?
(i actually can answer that question.)

how do you look yourself in the mirror?

when is lust and desire worth it?

is their truth in silence?

how can he be everything to everyone without being something to himself?

can you stand the rain?
holla if you love and miss the real new edition!

do tears spilled mean the same thing they used to -- or have we learned to manipulate tears ducts like people?

when is enough enough?


Goldiloxx said...


and i read her words
daily -

writer and woman
uneasily juxtaposed
distant yet tangled

scanning the spaces between
accusations -
and questions

for understanding


this is not my web -

and i can't really make
a poem out of -


not sure what i ought to feel
except -

lies were not told

tears were not forced

its hardest to understand

that won't fit into the
pain we're used to

lorenzo said...

Ok, This is a good topic. I would say it's still art. Even if you don't believe in it. I did a poem about interracial dating recently and I took a lot of heat over it. The opinions in the poems are things I have seen in society, not necessarily what I believe. So I would say it still can be classified as "Art" even if you don't believe it.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

lorenzo, that's fair -- though i would consider that sort of poem "storytelling", right? but i definitely understand your position. i have written similar pieces, but i think some parts of my poems reflect my opinion -- even if i am judging the character in the poem (see jezebelle's journey)... thanks for your hit

Vett said...

Art is art to someone


Yes, you are a work in progress

I do not want to live there, because of the winter

With a smile (usually)

When you cannot see straight

All the time

He is going through the motions of living, but he is not living

Yes, I can stand the rain. Unfortunately it has been raining a lot lately

Depends who is spilling. The older I get, the less I cry now. And that scares me

When your shoulders start to slump