Tuesday, December 14, 2004

honest moments: a lesson plan for amari

we humans are forgetful
we know what pain is
but can't feel the sting when inflicting
it on others

reaching for someone
isn't easy
respecting their boundaries
isn't hard

stings like pepper
in eyes and tears on cheeks
won't drain this feeling

sometimes. i live with abandon
smell ammonia
burn nostrils
and feel out of touch
with myself

the hardest part of loving
is giving up the will
to protect your vulnerablities

don't believe in fairytales
or dragons
or princesses
just the beauty between two people
sharing dreams and making plans


Vett said...

That is easier said than done

venusian said...

tell me about it, had a situation myself lately where I hurt people and didn't mean to. And now it hurts me everyday, because I'm not really sure how these things ever work themselves out. But all you can do is grow and learn everyday and try not to make the same mistakes, and keep your heart open - scars and all

Vett said...

Better to build a wall around yourself, check everyone out before you open the draw bridge. Then wait for the enemy to jump out of that trojan horse, to trample on your heart.