Monday, December 20, 2004

all in a day's work...

sat -- had a show in Mass with my people's DMOSS of poetryjoint. he's one of those dope promoters who actually care about the poet and the poetry... not the politics! real gangsta! it was a packed house -- however, that piece was almost 3 hours away! arrrghh - my right foot is still numb (and left, i rock's the stick shift, ya heard!)... but cool. incredibly packed house (love it) incredible features lined up like a singer who has the most stage presence i've seen on the scene DQuest and Jive rocked (as usual) and CONCIOUS who i totally missed (ain't seen him in like a year) ripped it! he's soooo nice, another one of those cats you just gotta keep around you for your sanity's sake! real dope dude and his poetry has grown like amari! inspiring! so we had a beautiful show (very long! more features than needed) and Hesh and his band made it very hard to keep still (we did out funny valentine collabo -- hesh is a monster wit that mic!)... there were alot of singers (1 dude rocked atleast a 1/2 hour set! -- but he was a dope ballader). unfortunately, a lot of egos got in the way of a kool show and Dmoss had to deal with that... sour way to end the nite, but the memories weren't lost! as usual, D had an incredible show for the audience and an incredible audience for the poets and NO ONE can hate on that!

Sun - got back to brooklyn at 4am. slept for 3 hours. left and picked up amari from ms. sybil's then we jumped on the turnpike and started a 10 hour trip to North Carolina... had a show in raleigh. very tired. even now, thinking about the road got me fatigued. after 8 long hours -- Jive and his impeccable navigational skills got me to pull over and catch a 1hr and a half nap. lovely! pulled into raleigh around 6pm - nice! just in time to change outta my driving slippers (holla) and get amari situated in the VIP lounge (all disney all day!)... unfortunately, the rain wasn't very nice to us and the crowd attendance was lackluster, to say at best, but we had an all right time. i got busy with the bbq meatballs ( u ain't know?) and finished off my set with single muva... very hard to do after 10 hours of driving, i say! no wonder they didn't get half of my jokes, i started the beginning and or end in my head! the crowd was only privy to the memorized work -- anything else sounded like "whaaaa whaaa whaaaa whaaa"!

great participation. great sales. can't be mad. the promoter, lorenzo, even brought his beautfiul daughter, lauren, to play with amari... now that's southern hospitality! he's a good dude... and his appreciation for the art is always refreshing. but no more sucking up to the great promoters of the circuit (its just soooo few and far between that you gotta acknowledge this!). got back in the hooptie rolled out (with the expertise of Jive of course) and made it in another 2 and a half hours to charlotte. fell asleep around 3am... couldn't remember my name by then. cali tomorow -- taking a flight! thank gawd

whatchu do for the weekend?

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Vett said...

We attended three holiday parties (funny how people do not say Christmas any more), Sunday my daughter and I went to the Kings game (Monday was her 10th birthday).