Tuesday, December 21, 2004

this so called life

back in oakland
drove for 2 and a half hours to get to the raleigh airport to fly to 3 different states (damn southwest) before i finally got here. but im here! went straight to it's all good, a banging bakery in the bay, and picked up a peach cobbler (fresh outta the oven) then went to emma's and got a catfish dinner (cmon, you know i can grub)... feelin much heavier. no doubt because of the family issues that plague many dysfunctional groups - im sure.

my favorite uncle got outta jail on sunday, great to hear his voice. my aunt and i finally got to talk after some long months. and i've been watching myself watching my younger cousin (14) rub her swollen belly holding a 7month old fetus... feels wierd. all of this. i work with young girls like her. sometimes i feel like i messed up. worried about the world of flowers instead of my own garden! then i get a call from urban word. doing two more workshops for them! women in hip hop: a writers group & performance poetry...

think i can give this global takeover thing another try? gotta go look at the enormous stomach and try no to let her see me cry.


Vett said...

Hello my name is Vet
I drive a Corvette,
It may look like a Kia
But it is my lovely, kids say Moma Mia

I tried to write a poem so that maybe you will call me sometimes or come by and see me. Oh well, I will work on my lines.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

u are crazee! but im definitely diggin' the flow!

Unknown said...

"on a world tour with mobrown the princess...."

it's danny from VA. love the blog. have to link it to mine. stay you homie...