Tuesday, December 14, 2004

like the movies

i talk during sex
i admit it
i like my mind involved in the activity
leave the poetics behind
at that moment
its just raw
with words like
and oooh!

never like romantic movies
and timid
we don't barely touch
we grip
and hold and bite for life
leave bruises for next morning's
it is better than sex scenes
in slow motion
silhouttes pressed with space slightly between the two
just slightly
kisses that look feverish
and practiced
don't leave a trail of saliva and desire
it's wet and sticky
and smells like sex
like funk
taste like now
ripe and ready
for explosion
tease necklines
trail the naval downward
with tongue
as fingers find their place in places
still wet

ragged movements
never like the movies
no soundtrack suggesting we climax
no ass slaps penetrate the movies
we are fitted into tight places
contorting pieces of us til everything touches
ankles and calves tightened
body weightless
a sweaty process
loud and sweaty and right
and right
and right
and we knew it after the 2nd climax
this is everything the silver screen can't embody
perfect the pitch pounds walls
and the bed scratches floor boards
and the whispers turn to pleas
turn to screams turn to sighs
turn to silence
turn to smiles turn to kissing
turn to touching
pulling and holding and loving again
they never show you these lines
the complete anarchy of one's limbs
or the smirks received when passing
knowing neighbors


Vett said...

Movies messed me up. Before I was experienced, I thought that was how it was. I still live in a fantasy world some days.

venusian said...

sooky sooky now! Don't think I believe you mo... Still think that your life might be a little bit more interesting than mine!

lorenzo said...

I think most people talk during sex.. If you haven't talked during sex, I can only come to two possible conclusions, one you haven't had good sex or you just cheating yourself.

I relate it to an anology that another poet gave me.
Most poeple live in denial the rest are poets

how about this for a twist.. have you ever had a parnter that made you talk then took you to a point to where you were speachless?