Wednesday, December 15, 2004

easy breezy wednesday

slept til 1pm...that's after i took amari to school @ 730am...its freezing in nyc. he kept me warm. not a lot of inspiration outside of everday life - though i am open off of this UK artist "The Streets"... i love his album a grand dont come for free. he's on some drum n bass-spokenword-ish... very hot! besides that -- this season keeps me in a "blah" mood... not much writing more brainstorming and skeletal structuring of ideas and concepts... i received the most beautifullest emails from my girls at the urban word workshops -- they made me feel like i really make a difference. i think every artist needs that moment of realization in their life...a moment where all this bullshyt just makes sense! cause honestly, as an artist -- it's a rarity that anything makes sense!

how'd jay z say "this moment of clarity"...

ive been having quite a few of those moments... you know how you feel when someone lies to you and then the truth comes out. you start sitting around and calculating shyt in your head! like ooo, that meant this really. and this meant that. and now -- that makes sense! i've been dealing with that alot! but i can't let it stress me... just started putting pen to pad and fingertips to keyboard on my new novel... unKept

also, much love to roger for all the edits for my newest book of thoughts: destroy, rebuild and other reconstructions of the human muscle -- that will actually be available february 2005... how's that for progress? lol got a new article coming out in KING mag, jan 2005 -- check dat out! all about mike cirelli and his creative invention Hip Hop Poetry & The Classics for the Classroom, a manual for teachers outta touch with the hiphop culture and their students.

but enough about me & my life -- what's going on with you? any new music i should check out? books? websites?


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Vett said...

Take Amari to see the Polar Express. It is a cute Christmas movie. I am sure that she read the book in class.

National Treasury is also a good action movie for Amari.