Monday, December 27, 2004

the L word

i love the L word with jennifer beal (flashdance) and pam grier (cleopatra jones, foxy brown, the blaxplotation QUEEN). i watched the entire series in one evening (my cousin had the dvd set). it was sooo funny! i can't wait to have my screenplay turned into a film or series! it was so good. i caught myself yelling at the tv!

the funniest thing was the relationships -- they are just like regular couples (for those who ever questioned it) -- i just couldn't get with all the hand play... guess that's why im so man-hungry! remember that song maneater? lol that's definitely me. but otherwise, that show is HOT. i love everything about the damn thing and am considering purchasing the dvd so i can laugh all over again! lol

amari is singing on her new karoake machine! its hilarious! alot of usher, britney spears and oh yeah, elvis!?

gonna go finish working. got a lil' held back... whatcha doing for new years? i will be soaking up sand and man... ;)

i guess, im gonna keep bantering about that damn vacation til i finally have the swimsuit on, huh? just bear with me, would'ja?

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