Thursday, December 16, 2004

a mother's vow

A mother's vow

You were before this time/I could tell
By the way you kicked my right side/belly
Swollen/full of love
And you/made visions of wisdom/
You keep me focused/I smile/
Too big to be angry/not as sick these days/
You see/I realized you didn’t like popcorn/
But the smell of fresh fruit/ripened/
And sweet/to taste/
I wait for your arrival/belly low now/
Daddy gone now/but life goes on/now
I promise/you will see life/
Through rose colored lenses/even
If I have to give my own eyes/for you/To view the world

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Vett said...

All you can do, is to do your best, even when your fingers are aching. Do your best.