Friday, December 10, 2004

lucent's pain

i feel it
so did hilary
as did jackie onassis
it cuts deep

deeper than most might admit
it's because women like us
and purposeful
i know how it feels
to feel pulse to lips
lips to lips
then nothing

no sweet tender touch
to remind us how life
got to be like molasses

we met in another lifetime
rolled our blankets in backpacks
and headed down the highway
looking for a place to exist
in silence

this is the beginning
this pain
feels neverending
for now
it will be just that
and then you will wake
see sun crowding your ceilings
smell bed sheets and breath
and dust mites
will linger by the neruda love poems collection
waiting for you to re visit them
as you dance
in the arms of a man
who's loved you
since you first spoke

as it was written
it will stand
like testaments and scriptures
of women with strength
pulsating through our veins
we are without consequence
willing to give our heart

offer it to the mantle
of sacrifice
for purity
and silence
and golden spaces
that fill our nostrils
climb in our mouths

and remain as a reminder
leaving no one
to assume
this love
as real
and raw as sugar
and slavery
it hurts like life born
and summonation of death

this love calls through the
riding soundwaves like
young'ns on dirt bikes
and it's grimy
this type of love
that taste like sweat
and heat
and it hurts the most when
subjected to scrutiny

its priceless
we know this
understand this
those unready won't get it
remember that
and just laugh
at the non-believers
like you know betta...


Lucent said...

thank you, miss mahogany :)
This inspires me
to keep on
sleeping alone
wake up, stretch, look
and see the sun
although its raining

us women, we all feel it

Vett said...

Love does hurt, and sometimes it even stinks, but I still cannot live without it